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Software Excellence for Tomorrow’s Health
Consulting, Development, and Research in the era of AI

At avisé labs, our mission is to build excellent software solutions for the health and medical field, driven by our unwavering dedication and passion. 
We believe that every line of code we write has the potential to make a difference in people's lives, and that belief fuels our relentless pursuit of excellence.
Partner with us, and together, we can shape the future of healthcare through exceptional software.
In today's rapidly evolving world, software plays a pivotal role in transforming the health and medical landscape. 
At avisé labs, we understand the criticality of software solutions in advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes. 
With a deep passion for combining technology and medicine, we specialize in providing comprehensive consulting, development, and research services in the realm of health software.
As the demand for innovative and efficient software solutions continues to soar, our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through every step of your software journey. We offer tailored consulting services to help you define and refine your software project, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with your healthcare objectives. With a wealth of experience in the health domain, we possess the knowledge and insights necessary to address the unique challenges and complexities associated with this industry.
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Our expertise extends beyond consultation – we pride ourselves on our ability to develop cutting-edge software on software cloud landscapes, such as AWS. Leveraging the power and scalability of cloud technologies, we create robust and secure software solutions tailored specifically to the health and medical sector. Whether it's a patient management system, telemedicine platform, or medical research application, we have the skills and resources to bring your vision to life.

Our software development philosophy centers around the microservice software architecture paradigm, enabling us to build modular, scalable, and maintainable systems. We combine this architectural approach with the latest advancements in software technology to deliver robust and future-proof solutions. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that your software remains adaptable and competitive in an ever-evolving healthcare ecosystem.

Technologies we use, among others: 
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Artificial Intelligence in 
Software Landscapes 
At avisé labs, we recognize the immense potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing healthcare. As AI continues to mature and redefine the boundaries of medicine, our team is well-versed in integrating AI services seamlessly into software landscapes. From machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics to natural language processing for medical records, we leverage state-of-the-art AI technologies to augment your software solutions and unlock new possibilities for your organization.
Health & Life Science Platform: ADAMS
Enterprise solution for collecting structured medical data and to bridge the gap between data pools and customized artificial intelligence solutions.
More coming soon...

Benefits of our Services and Platform

With our software development services and our platform ADAMS we bring institutions to a new digital level
Unique Customization

Customized solution addressing your problem, based on our unique experience and interdisciplinary know-how.

New Insights and user-centered Solutions

Bring intelligence to your institution, save time with user-centered solutions and focus more on patients. Added Value: Innovative healthcare processes, more efficient support for medical professionals and patients, more accurate diagnoses and medical research.

Efficient Cost Structure

We keep our costs down by removing unnecessary management overheads. The experience and close collaboration of our technologists implies that we can coordinate and solve complex problems with much lower reliance on traditional development supporting activities like reporting and project management.


We are a part of an interdisciplinary and international Healthcare and Technology Network. We work together with Companies, Universities, Institutions and more. Our collaborations allow us a broad understanding of current challenges and desired innovations in the life science sector.

Our Research Collaborators and Industry Partners
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News & Current Topics



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This symposium provides a valuable and important platform for inspiring interdisciplinary exchange at the forefront of drug research and will ...
appliedAI Institute for Europe selected avisé labs as one of the most promising AI Startups in Germany

appliedAI Institute for Europe selected avisé labs as one of the most promising AI Startups in Germany

This year, NVIDIA, Intel and twelve renowned venture capital firms (Cherry Ventures, Earlybird Capital, UVC Partners, Yttrium, Lakestar, High-Tech Founder ...
SDDS 2023 - Stanford Drug Discovery Symposium

SDDS 2023 – Stanford Drug Discovery Symposium

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ATLAS Podcast of the University Witten/Herdecke

ATLAS Podcast of the University Witten/Herdecke

Within the German ATLAS-PODCAST of the University Witten/Herdecke our CEO Marius Khan was invited to talk about our work at ...
Collaboration with Stanford University

Collaboration with Stanford University

avisé labs is excited about a new collaboration with the Stanford Skin Innovation and Interventional Research Group at Stanford Medical ...
KI ist Kultursache

KI ist Kultursache

Der Gastbeitrag unseres CEOs Marius Khan im Handelsblatt behandelt das Thema Kooperationen zwischen Start-ups und Pharmariesen für erfolgreiche KI-Entwicklung ...
5CC 2020: The Brain behind the Brain - Optimizing Results with AI & Deep Learning

5CC 2020: The Brain behind the Brain – Optimizing Results with AI & Deep Learning

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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Due to the rapid spread of coronavirus we have taken every precaution to work remote on our projects. In-person meetings, ...
Artificial Intelligence and Beauty

Artificial Intelligence and Beauty

Artificial intelligence (AI) and genetic tests will revolutionize diagnostics and therapies in aesthetic medicine in future. The German magazine “Bild ...
Management Team

Marius Khan holds a Bachelor and a Master of Science degree in computer science. During his previous work in science and research, he focused on the field of machine learning and gained experience in project management within numerous IT projects. Until 2019 he was a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and taught in the field of software engineering.
Marius Khan, M.Sc.
Chief Executive Officier (CEO)
Georg Khazaka has a Master Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Wuppertal, Germany. He has as well gained many years of experience in the cosmetics industry and working within this particular sector for more than 15 years. Besides his experience with research and development, he also helps to create marketing ideas for customers on a global basis. He is a member of the International Society of Biophysics and Imaging of the Skin.
Dipl. Oek. Georg Khazaka
Dr. med. Darius Alamouti is one of Germany's best-known specialists in aesthetic medicine and head physician at his clinic Alamouti Aesthetic & Skin. Darius supports our research at avisé labs with his medical know-how and practical experience.
Dr. med. Darius Alamouti
Chief Medical Officier (CMO)
Prof. Dr. Sabine Sachweh is a professor in software engineering at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. She is a co-founder of the Institute for the Digital Transformation of Application and Living Domains (IDiAL), which emerged from the same university. She was appointed to the Data Ethics Commission of the German Federal Government on 18 July 2018. As scientific advisor she supports avisé labs in knowledge management.
Prof. Dr. Sabine Sachweh
Chief Knowledge Officier (CKO)
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