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In a recent conversation, Jane Yoo, MD, a leading dermatologist in New York City, and our CEO Marius Khan discussed the rising influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in dermatology and medicine.

This interview is printed in the February-March 2024 issue of Modern Aesthetics, accessible at 

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This symposium provides a valuable and important platform for inspiring interdisciplinary exchange at the forefront of drug research and will support a fantastic networking experience. It provides a great resource for researchers, pharmaceutical companies, investment groups, and those in the wider biomedical community interested in discovering new drugs and improving patient care. We look forward to an exciting two days of talks and discussion.   

Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD | Director, Cardiovascular Institute

avisé labs is also attending this event in person in 2024 to establish new partnerships for innovative medical applications fostered by intelligent software approaches. We are looking forward to connecting with you at Stanford!

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This year, NVIDIA, Intel and twelve renowned venture capital firms (Cherry Ventures, Earlybird Capital, UVC Partners, Yttrium, Lakestar, High-Tech Founder Funds, eCAPITAL, La Famiglia, Asgard, Burda Principal Investments, HV Capital, and Born2Grow), participated in the selection process of the most promising AI Startups in Germany. You can find further information about the selection process as well as the detailed analysis of the German AI Startup Landscape here.

The AI Startup Landscape is Germany’s most comprehensive and respected analysis of the AI startup scene, highlighting the incredible work being done by AI Startups across various enterprise functions, intelligence, technology types, and industries. This year, the AI Startup Landscape was covered in several articles in the WirtschaftsWoche (Link to Article 1 | Link to Article 2 | Link to Article 3).

The appliedAI Institute, along with their esteemed partners from academia, government, and industry, has been dedicated to creating an ecosystem where AI startups can thrive and contribute to shaping the future of AI for the betterment of society. One of their key objectives is to facilitate partnerships and collaboration opportunities between startups and corporations to enhance knowledge sharing and foster AI adoption.

To support this endeavor, the appliedAI Institute has developed a centralized database of high-quality and externally validated AI startups. This platform aims to provide easy access for corporations, SMEs, and governmental institutions to connect with trusted AI partners. 

We are thrilled that the appliedAI Institute and their partners selected avisé labs as one of the most promising AI Startups in Germany!  

We are proud of being part of the AI Startup Landscape and are looking forward to great collaborations and future projects within the AI startup community!